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Big Innovation for “Tiny” Results

Continuous Innovation in the semiconductor industry is stretching the limits of material science. The push for smaller chips means alloys that were acceptable a decade ago, can no longer be used in many of today’s advanced manufacturing processes. Companies are now looking for answers to their unique metallurgical dilemmas. That is why they are turning to Johnson Centrifugal to help with their engineering challenges.

Johnson Centrifugal has taken the initiative and jumped in to help with the new challenges facing this industry. We have developed a patented casting method for 6061 aluminum, which was formally only seen as a wrought option. In addition, our metallurgical team has developed an ultra-pure version of 6061 we named AnoMaxx. If you are struggling to find the right material, our team is here to collaborate to ensure your future success.


  • Superconductor Housings
  • PVD Shields
  • Etch Chambers
  • Aluminum Adaptors

Material Examples:

  • Cast 6061 aluminum
  • AnoMaxx
High Copper Heat Sink
Semiconductor Chip Inspection
Semiconductor Hard Drives
Semiconductor PVD Shield

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