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The Johnson Centrifugal Technology Process

Vertical Centrifugal Castings

The vertical centrifugal castings process introduces liquid metal into a rapidly rotating die.  The metal experiences a heavy G load causing it to climb the walls and take shape of the die.  During this process the liquid metal is under such a heavy G load that air bubbles cannot exist and the metal freezes in the shape of the die. This process of casting guarantees the highest quality metal components.

By solidifying uniformly under high pressure, centrifugal castings combine the chemical and mechanical property capability of forgings with the cost efficiency of traditional castings.

The Johnson Centrifugal Castings Process



  • ISO Certified
  • ISO 14001 Compliant
  • ITAR Registered
  • ABS – American Bureau of Shipping
  • SIBC – Submarine Industrial Base Council (Member)

CAD (engineering/design):

  • SolidWorks – Numerous seats with to handle Assemblies or Parts
  • Can work with CAD files of all types and/or their conversion/translation.

Custom Alloys:

  • JCT can custom blend any alloy to meet specific customer needs and to tighter tolerances than industry standards, increasing the performance of the metal component.

CAM (machining):

  • Part Maker
  • Esprit

Secondary Operations:

  • X-ray
  • UT (Ultrasonic Testing)
  • Hobbing, Broaching, Thread cutting (some we do in house)
  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Heat Treating
  • HIP (Liquid Hot Isostatic Pressing)
  • Export Packaging

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