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Intelligent Engineering Alternatives to Streamline Development and Manufacturing Processes

Our modern mission goes beyond responding to our customers’ everyday requirements and expectations. Indeed, we are a true partner, supporting your need for improved products at lower costs. Our staff offers intelligent engineering alternatives to streamline your development and manufacturing processes, producing your metal components to the optimum shape, using innovative tooling/mold designs and proprietary forming techniques. Through the latest in machining technology, our 5-axis live tooling Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining centers hold tight dimensional tolerances. These machines are capable of holding dimensions within ten-thousandths of an inch.

Johnson Centrifugal Technology (JCT) is more than the average foundry. We cast shapes and sizes that many in our industry would say couldn’t be done centrifugally. Yet, producing centrifugally formed balls, stators, seals, valve bodies, gears and large flanged bushings is an everyday occurrence at JCT. Moreover, we centrifugally formed the tough alloys and certify them to their exact chemistry in house. Pure copper, monels, nickel silvers, chrome coppers, and stainless steel are centrifugally produced and machined regularly at JCT.

The world is different today. Business as usual just doesn’t work. As president of Johnson Centrifugal Technology I encourage you to let us provide your organization a quote on your next metal component requirement. Our goal is to continue to prove there is a better way, not only to produce mature products, but to develop and manufacture new metal products efficiently, under budget and on time. Call us now and let JCT lead the way.

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