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Aluminum Castings

At Johnson Centrifugal Technology we combine centrifugal force with metallurgical knowledge to provide aluminum castings in forged equivalent alloys with superior properties. Our JC6061 (equivalent to forged 6061) is significantly cleaner with zero inclusions. We offer equiaxed grain structure that allows mechanical testing in any axis with the same results.

Our proprietary JC6061TM – T6C AnoMaxx® alloy satisfies the most demanding Semiconductor needs:

  • A Super Clean Chemistry with tight control of major alloying elements far exceeding industry standards.
  • Outstanding Anodizing Response with Excellent Strength and Superior Machinability
  • Further customization and refinement of chemical limits is available.
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Common applications are:

  • Medical imaging aluminum components. Detector and source support gantry rings for the medical imaging industry. Centrifugals are meeting the demand for cost-effective, residual stress-free components in 6061-T6 condition.
  • Semiconductor aluminum components. Vacuum-tight chambers with no defects and no contamination. JCT components meet the most stringent industry standards for pumpdown time and rate of rise. Operating vacuum pressure from 10-9 through 10-15 are common operating results with JCT centrifugal aluminum.
  • Instrument housings for underwater and space applications. The structural integrity of centrifugal formings ensures a leak-proof structure. 6061 AL can be selected for its weldability for further fabrication and anodizing response, as can 7075 and A771 for their high strengths.
  • Gas Turbine Components: JCT Centrifugally made Gas Turbine Components provide superior quality to sand casting; no porosity. Parts include: Blade Rings, Vane Carriers, Seal Rings, Packing Seals, Labyrinth Seals, Labyrinth Rings, Transition Seal, and Oil Deflectors.
  • Seals for power generation. The uniformity of grain structure ensures a stress free component suitable for tight tolerance seal ring components. Most often produced in A356, A850.1 or A771 and other aluminums.
  • Coolers for plastic extrusion equipment.Centrifugals produced in the 6061 family with integral cooling tubes have reduced machining time and ensure a leak-proof cooling system.
  • Microwave and radio astronomy collectors and support components. Produced cost effectively in high strength wrought equivalents.
  • Forming and conveyor components for the paper and flexible packaging industry. Rely on the defect-free structure of centrifugals. Alloys from A356 to 6061 and 7075 are the choice for these demanding applications.

JCT produces proprietary materials that are carefully designed to meet or exceed wrought product specifications. Some of our proprietary alloys are chemical twins of common wrought materials. These twins provide product properties and performance and are ideal for use when mated through welding or assembly with wrought products. Virtual identical chemistry to wrought products assures compatibility within your design.

Alloys JCT commonly pours are: the entire 6061 family (including T5, T6 and custom tempers), 7075, 5252, 3003, 711, 713, 771, 356 primary and secondary, 356 T-6, 319, 535, 850.1, 852, B443, C355, 242, A707, 2024, 7075 T-6, 7075 T-7 and 8011.

Other grades can be produced at JCT. Please contact us for help in producing your exact chemistry requirements.

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Standard and Customized Alloys

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