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Centrifugally Formed Foundry Castings

A turnkey Castings Foundry: Superior product integrity at a lower cost

JCT produces high integrity, centrifugal foundry casting components that undergo the most rigorous, final quality inspection. Our sophisticated castings foundry can convert cast and forge designs to centrifugal castings, working with the full family of copper based, stainless steel, aluminum, and custom nickel and copper alloys.

centrifugal casting

No one style of manufacturing method is right for every application, and centrifugal castings are no different. Here is where JCT excels:

  • When centerline shrink is an issue
  • Part can rotate on an axis that is round
  • Static casting material properties are inadequate
  • Limited ID features
  • Net shape when finishing is expensive, and tooling is justifiable
  • When quality is causing production flow stoppages due to product defects


JCT is the only facility in the US to offer vertical centrifugal castings in Bronze/Brass, Steels, and Aluminum! JCT can custom blend any alloy to meet specific customer needs and to tighter tolerances than industry standards, increasing the performance of the metal component

  • All Copper based cast alloys (except silicon bronze and beryllium copper) from pure and chrome modified pure copper, through all bronze and brass grades.
  • All Aluminum-based cast and wrought equivalent alloys such as 6061, 7075 and 5052, to cast grades such as A356 and A771. Custom alloys available in small lot sizes.
  • Cast stainless steels contained in ASTM A743, A297, and A351, and in the 18-8 and martensitic families as well as specialized heat and wear resistant alloys.
  • Many custom Nickel and Copper-Nickel alloys

More on the breadth of JCT Alloys


Maximum Centrifugal Pour Weights:

  • Brass & Bronze – 20,000 lbs (9072 kg)
  • Stainless Steel – 10,000 lbs (4536 kg)
  • Aluminum – 7500 lbs (3402 kg)

Typical Dimensions:

  • 3 to 78 inches in diameter
  • All lengths up to 52 inches


Johnson Centrifugal Technology has a state-of-the-art, high-tech machining facility to complement its vertical centrifugal foundry. JCT can supply anything from as cast dims, rough machined to finish to customer drawings & finish machined to print.

  • Modern Computer Numeric Control (CNC) turning, milling, and drilling for sizes above.
  • Complete internal machining capabilities: All centrifugal formings made at JCT are machined internally with the most sophisticated machining equipment.

More on JCT Machining capabilities


Normal lead times from 1 to 7 weeks for rough and machined components.

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