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Alloy NameRelatedGeneral Alloy DescriptionTypical Applications
JC 863ASTM B 271, B148 Grade C86300, MIL-C-15345-6, SAE 430BMagnesium Bronze.Gears, cams, stripper nuts, slippers, high temperature and mining equipment.
JC 954ASTM B271 Grades C95400 and C95400HT; JC 953, JC 95410, and ASTM B148 Grade C95400, AMS 4870CA Heat Treatable Aluminum Bronze.Spur and low-speed heavily loaded worm gears and bushings for crusher and wear applications; adjusting nuts, pump, and landing gear parts.
JC 955ASTM B 271 Grade C95500; ASTM B 148 Grade C95500, AMS 4880, MIL-C-15345-14A Heat Treatable Nickel Aluminum Bronze.Bushing and bearing applications in extreme pressure and corrosive environments, lock, dam, bridge, and surge hinge and pintle bushings and bearings.
JC 958ASTM B 271 Grade C95800; ASTM B 148 Grade C95800, MIL-B-24480, MIL-C-15345-28, ABS-4A Heat Treatable Nickel Aluminum Bronze.Propeller, hub, and other parts for marine applications; bushings and bearings for lock, dam, and bridge applications, and valve and pump components.
JC 05JB 05; ASTM B271, B584 Grades C973, C976, C978 and specific turbine customer specifications.Nickel-Silver.Packing and labyrinth seal rings for steam and natural gas power turbines.

Standard and Customized Alloys

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