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Centrifugal Castings

Alloy: Wrought equivalent 6061-T6
Application: Waveguide for radio space astronomy.
Why centrifugals? High material integrity and strength are required and combined with specialty finished machining. Part is finished to .125 inch (4mm) thickness.
Alloy: Wrought equivalent 6061-T6 Application: Housing for high-pressure drive motor. Integral cooling passages provide for uniform, leak-proof temperature control.
Why centrifugals? High material integrity and strength are required combined with specialty finished machining. Application demands cooling passages in component wall which are formed in-place during centrifugal processing.

Johnson Centrifugal Technology® (JCT®) is a highly refined, patented process that has taken the centrifugal formation of metal alloys to a new level, and has established Johnson Brass & Machine Foundry® (JBM®) as the most sophisticated centrifugal castings and formings foundry in the United States.

JCT produces high integrity, turnkey components for final machine and can convert cast and forge designs to centrifugal castings, working with the full family of copper based, stainless steel, aluminum, and custom nickel and copper alloys.

Molten Bronze pouring from selected ladle into spinning centrifugal mold.
Large Bronze flanged bushing for heavy mining applications.

Through the near net shaping achievable through the centrifugal process, JCT has been able to provide customers true value engineering by producing parts of equal or better quality, at a lower cost than the alternative process.

JCT regularly manufactures metal components both in cast and wrought alloys, and meets and exceeds all physical properties typically found with forgings and forged metals.


  • Save time and money. Save 10-40% in total cost over forgings and difficult metal fabrications.
  • JCT provides single source responsibility – no further machining required.
  • Delivery times are typically 1/3 less than forging or fabrication.
  • JCT will deliver on high-risk and difficult projects that are near net shape and require high tolerance levels. We have a full staff of engineers ready to consult with you.
  • We stand behind our work 100%. Outstanding customer service and quick project turnarounds. Family owned for four generations.

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