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Copper Castings

Copper castings from Johnson Centrifugal Technology cover the full range of copper alloys, including high thermal and electrical conductive pure coppers and chrome copper alloys, through high strength aluminum and manganese bronzes, to traditional leaded bearing bronze castings and nickel silver castings.

Copper castings from JCT are a cost-effective alternative to copper forgings. Some of the common component applications of copper alloy castings include:

  • Bronze Gear Blanks: Meeting the strength levels of many stainless steels, aluminum bronze, manganese bronze and tin bronze are often specified because of their relative low cost and high resistance to galling. We produce many designs used for worm gears and hub gears to near finished machine conditions.
  • Corrosion and Anti-Galling Components: The aluminum bronze family (C95400, C95500) is ideal for bearing, gear, sealing, and valve and pump components where corrosion and steel galling are problems. Application industries include hydroelectric, wastewater, motor and power transmission, and instrument housing. When exposed to seawater for naval use, the basic alloys are modified with higher nickel contents (C95800) to retard corrosion.
  • Steam Turbine Parts: Steam turbine repair parts and new steam turbine parts are readily made through the centrifugal forming process. The anti-galling resistance of Nickel Silver (CDA C97300 and C97600 – ASTM B584) make these alloys ideal for packing and labyrinth rings.
  • High Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Chrome Copper: Chrome copper alloys combine the high conductivity of pure copper alloys with the high strength of the bronze family. Alloys such as CDA C81500 are often specified for continuous casting molds of metals where high thermal conductivity and strength are required. These alloys also are used in a wide variety of machinery (e.g. paper mill and carpet conveyor and take-up rolls) as brake drums and discs.
  • Crusher Equipment Parts: Crusher repair parts and crusher replacement parts are often centrifugally cast at JCT. Critical wear components such as bearings and bronze bushings for gyratory and ball or bar mills are often produced in traditional leaded tin bronze alloys such as SAE 660 (CDA C93200), higher lead bronze alloys such as CDA C93700, CDA 93800, and up to the 18% lead alloy C94100 and higher. Our components service major OEM equipment such as Nordberg®, Allis-Chalmers®, Svedala® and many others.
  • Mining Equipment Parts: Mining equipment repair and replacement parts are another effective application of copper alloy castings. JCT components see service in major OEM equipment such as P & H®/Harnischfeger, Marion®, and many others.
  • LED Lighting Manufacturing Parts: Thermally conductive reflectors made of copper based alloys are highly effective for heat transference in manufacturing LED light bulbs.
  • Levy or Dam Gates: Lubricated hinge ball bushings centrifugally cast in ASTM B 271 Alloy C95500, annealed bronze.
  • Paper Industry Components: JCT centrifugally made paper industry components and Clutch Drums.

JBM regularly produces copper centrifugal castings from the copper alloys listed below. Our fast turnaround time will help you win new business.

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Red BrassC83300, C83600, C83800
Semi-Red BrassC84400, C84800
Yellow BrassC85200, C85400, C85700
Manganese BronzeC86200, C86300, C86400, C86500
Copper-SiliconC87200, C87500
Leaded Tin BronzeC92200, C92300, C92600, C92700, C93700, C93800, C94100, C94500
Tin BronzeC90300, C90500, C90700, C90800, C91600, C91700, C93200, C93400, C93500, C94300
Aluminum BronzeC95200, C95300, C95400, C95500, C95800
Copper NickelC96200, C96400
Nickel SilverC97300, C97600, C97800
Pure, Chrome CoppersC81100, C81500

Standard and Customized Alloys

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