Stainless Steel

Stainless steel centrifugal castings using Johnson Centrifugal Technology are a cost efficient method to produce stainless steel alloys where high yield can reduce expensive machining costs, and are a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel forgings.

Common applications for stainless steel centrifugals include:

  • Medical imaging components: Components for heart and body imaging systems such as CT, PET and MRI.
  • Food processing equipment: Components for separators and centrifuges, mixing and heating systems, and filtration components are produced in 304 and 316 stainless steel, as well as in higher strength alloys such as 17-4ph and Duplex alloys. Centrifugally made Food Industry components also include Cooling Jackets and Water Jackets.
  • Valve components: Butterfly valve housings and discs, balls for ball valves and seal and seat rings are frequently formed in standard 304 or 316 alloys. In highly abrasive applications alloys such as 410, CD4MCu and others can be selected.
  • Power generation components: Seal ring and vane carrier rings are typically formed from stainless steel 17-4ph, 347 or 321.
  • Hydroelectric facilities components: Stainless and bronze are used where high wear resistance and anti-galling are required. Alloys such as 316 and the Nitronic® alloys are often chosen. Turbine seal rings and bearings are also centrifugally cast regularly at JCT.
  • Petrochemical and heat treatment parts: Reducing cones, sleeves and trunnions cones are cast from heat resistant alloys such as HH, HK 40, HP and others in the ASTM A297 family.
  • Custom blended stainless: 20-32Nb, HP and any custom blended stainless needed; one-of-a-kind alloying is commonplace at JCT.

JCT has emerged as a leader in stainless steel centrifugal castings and has added veteran stainless steel foundry personnel to complement our experienced foundry staff. We have the finest technology in the industry, allowing us to produce high quality stainless steel centrifugal castings.

Many of the same foundry fundamentals that have allowed us to grow during the past 105 years have contributed to our success with stainless steel alloys. Tight controls of chemistry, foundry process and machining process ensure your requirements are met or exceeded. Computerized spectrographic analysis is used to check every heat lot of metal produced. Foundry parameters such as mold size, pour weight, RPM and pouring temperature are provided to the foundry operator who then documents measured data. The machining operation sequence is detailed for the machinist and our final inspection department verifies each dimension. In house NDT is available for a final check of casting quality.

We now produce the following steel, stainless steel and nickel based alloys in addition to our complete lines of copper based, aluminum based and monel alloys:

  • " 300 (301L, 303, 304, 3116, 316L) and 400 (416, 420, 440, 440c) series stainless steels to ASTM, AMS and MIL standards including CF3/304L, Cf8/304, CF3M/316L, CF8M/317L, CG8M/317, CA15/410 and CA40/420.

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