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Johnson Centrifugal Technology (JCT) is a highly refined, patented process that has taken the centrifugal formation of metal alloys to a new level, and has established Johnson Brass & Machine Foundry (JBM) as the most sophisticated centrifugal castings and formings foundry in the United States.

In operation since 1905, JBM has fully embraced the centrifugal "formings" process, an advanced evolution of standard centrifugal foundry castings. Through the near net shaping achievable through the centrifugal process, JCT has been able to provide customers true value engineering by producing parts of equal or better quality at a lower cost than the alternative process.

JCT regularly manufactures metal components both in cast and wrought alloys. Pure copper, cast and wrought aluminum, Monel, nickel silver, chrome copper, copper silver, zirconium copper and stainless steel are all expertly formed through Johnson Centrifugal Technology. We are able to produce shapes and sizes that are unheard of in the industry, such as balls, stators, seals, valve bodies, gears, large flanged bushings, vacuum chamber liners and medical imaging mainframes.

Johnson Centrifugal Casting Technology

Our formings meet and exceed all physical properties typically found with forgings and forged metals. Moreover, JBM’s produced metal maintains its high physical property strengths multi-directionally throughout the metal component.

DFM- Design For Manufacturability is a core competency of Johnson Centrifugal Technology were we can Form Liquid Metal into the shapes and assemblies that Replace Machined and Forged Parts & Assemblies at Great Cost Savings. Call us today!


Johnson Centrifugal Technology castings and formings are machined to exact final customer tolerances and certified to specification by our Lab and Quality Control Departments.


Aluminum Support Rings
Aluminum Chambers
Steam Turbine Repair Seals and Packing Rings

Bronze Gear Blanks and Worm Gears
Crusher Bronze Replacement Parts
Mining Equipment Replacement Bushings

Find out more about the advantages of partnering with Johnson Brass:

  • Save time and money. Save 10-40% in total cost over forgings and difficult metal fabrications.
  • Performance. JBM provides single source responsibility - no further machining required.
  • Delivery times are typically 1/3 less than forging or fabrication.
  • Expertise. JBM will deliver on high-risk and difficult projects that are near net shape and require high tolerance levels. We have a full staff of engineers ready to consult with you.
  • Accountability. We stand behind our work 100%. Outstanding customer service and quick project turnarounds. Family owned for four generations.

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